What is Landscape Curbing?

Landscape Curbing is a continuous and free flowing landscape edging allowing smooth graceful curves, straight straight-aways and round circles that add beauty and value to your home. It is created onsite and installed cleanly and quickly, transforming your lawn and enhancing your existing landscaping. Landscape Curbing is also a durable, concrete edging that prevents the loss of expensive landscaping materials such as mulch, rocks, and other landscape coverings, at the same time keeping unwanted grass from growing into your landscaping. Curbing your landscape is the most cost effective way to put the finishing touches on the beautification of your home, as well as adding definition and value to your property. 

Landscape Curbing is created to replace the standard landscape edging such as plastic edging, popcorn edging, and wooden edging as sold at landscape supply stores. Curbing is not sold in pieces but is custom installed on your property by AMERICURB, Inc. Landscape Curbing is made out of a strong concrete mix and reinforced with a fiber mesh giving it a psi rating of over 3000 making it as strong and durable as a concrete driveway.

Benefits of Landscape Curbing!

Our concrete borders have several features, advantages and benefits that you should consider:

  • A continuous concrete root barrier keeps lawns in check.
  • Concrete is durable. It won't rot, shatter, splinter, etc.
  • Maintenance is simple. Lawn mower wheels fit easily on the leading edge.
  • Clean up with an edger or trimmer without damaging the edging.
  • Beautifies your yard placing a picture-perfect frame around your flower beds.
  • Design flexibility allows for straight lines, curves, turns, and contours.
  • Fast, clean and efficient installation without the problems associated with costly form work.
  • Save hours of edging, trimming and weeding time.
  • Less expensive, higher quality.

Compared to the "do it yourself" blocks that you can purchase and install yourself at a home improvement store, our prices are very competitive AND it is installed professionally. We would not be so successful if our curbing was not affordable and effective. In addition, AMERICURB installs the curbing professionally (in half a day to a full day depending on amount of footage), leaving your weekends available for the fun stuff like shopping or going fishing.

Many Floridians still do not know that Landscape Curbing is effective at preventing sod from growing into your flower bed. Your constant (losing) battle to keep grass out of your flower beds ended with this invention. You also do not have weeds growing in-between this edging since it is one continuous piece when prepared and installed correctly. There are several different molds (shapes) to choose from. The most common is the "slant" and "mower" style. With our curbing machine, both molds have a minimum 4" heights in back and 2" on front. The curb is actually 6" wide. Our molds are designed high enough to keep sod from growing through it, and also high enough on the back to retain your bed covering, such as mulch and rocks.






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